Lovelady Park

LoveLady Park

North Haven Village was fortunate to be on the receiving end of Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund's purchase of the property at 19 Sunset Beach Road. It has been the former home of Ms. Lovelady Powell, and stage and television actor for the better part of the second half of the 20th century. 

The property is a 4 acre parcel that we will combine with another CPF parcel, directly to the east of #19, creating a 9.5 acre park and walking path for all to enjoy. Former Mayor Jeff Sander and current Mayor Chris Fiore worked diligently over the past year to secure the land; Mayor Fiore is overseeing the development of the park as well as donations from the public to help fund the project and it's ongoing maintenance. A 501 charitable Trust has been formed to insure all donations are tax deductible -- much more to come. You may be hearing from MayorFiore and/or the Board of the 501, Mr. Max Rohn, Ms. Stephanie Joyce and Ms. Stella Sands. They, together with Mayor Fiore, are involved in the initial ideas for the land as well as fundraising for the project. We will seek input and ideas from all residents in the coming weeks. This project will create a stunning 9+ acre parkland, pond, tree lined promenade for all to enjoy for generations. The 'working title' for the park is "Lovelady Park."  Stay tuned -- much more to come!!  Our thanks to Mayor Sander for driving this acquisition and to our Town Council, especially Councilman Tommy John Schiavoni, for making this all possible!

On May 17, 2022, then Tr. Fiore presented proposed plans for the Lovelady Park to the Board of Trustees.  Click on the links to view the charts he presented.

Overview Map
Site Plan
Seating Proposal
Kids Discovery